Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal is to have Paul Harris’s Home restored and furnished to look as it did in 1947.

Q: Who was Paul Harris?

A: Paul Harris was the founder of the Rotary movement. He was one of the first four members of the Rotary Club of Chicago, which first met on February 23, 2005. Paul Harris became the first President of the National Association of Rotary Clubs and Rotary International.

Q: Who manages the Paul Harris Home?

A: The Home is managed by the Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable corporation established in 2004. The purpose of the Foundation is owning, operating, renovating, and preserving the former home of Paul and Jean Harris. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, which permits qualified donors to exempt donations from United States income tax. Click HERE for a list of the current Trustees of the Foundation.

Q: Has the Home always been owned by The Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation?

A: No. The residence was acquired from a private owner in 2005, 100 years after it was built in 1905. The Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation was created to purchase the Home.

Q: Where is the Paul Harris Home located?

A: The Paul Harris Home is at 10856 South Longwood Drive, Chicago, Illinois. It is in the Ridge Historic District in the Beverly/Morgan Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.

Q: What is the Beverly neighborhood like?

A: The Beverly neighborhood is known for its famous architecture, with homes designed by the famed architects Frank Lloyd Wright and George Washington Maher. Beverly has strong Irish heritage roots, displayed in Chicago’s South Side Irish parade. Beverly prides itself on its diverse community and strong community involvement.

Q: How long did Paul Harris live in the Home?

A: Paul and Jean Harris lived in the residence for 35 years, from 1912 until 1947. Paul Harris passed away in the Home on January 27, 1947. Paul Harris is buried two miles away at Mount Hope Cemetery. After Paul’s death, Jean Harris moved to the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago, then back to her native Scotland, where she is buried.

Q: Is the Home be wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, the Home is wheelchair accessible, complete with an elevator to take visitors to the basement and to the upstairs deck and Paul and Jean Harris’ bedroom.

Q: Is there an entrance fee?

A: No, tours of the Home are conducted for no charge. Currently, tours are by appointment only.

Q: When will the Paul Harris Home be available to visit?

A: The Home is currently available to be visited, by appointment only.

Q: How can I help?

A: The Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation appreciates donations of all sizes, with naming opportunities for large donations. Please see the donation page for details.

Q: What work has been done, and what remains to complete the renovation?

A: By the time the Home was purchased in 2005 on the eve of the Centennial Rotary International Convention, the Home had experienced years of neglect. The outside of the Home was presentable, but the inside needed much attention and care. These circumstances provided the Paul and Jean Harris Home Foundation with the exciting opportunity to renovate the home and return it to its 1947 condition, while creating a visitor center for visiting Rotarians from around the world.

The initial phase of the renovations, including construction of the events center (Rotary Room), reconstruction of the interior of the Home, and an exterior patio, are now complete.

Next, we will be creating exhibits to showcase the history of the Home, recreating the International Peace Garden, installing an audio-visual center in the basement, and adding additional landscaping.

These renovations will be completed as donations become available.

Q: What is inside the Home?

A: The Home is restored and furnished to look as it did in 1947. For example, visitors will experience the parlor as Rotarians did when they came to visit Paul and Jean Harris. The doors and light fixtures have been refurbished, if original, or replaced to replicate the look of the Home as seen in pictures from Paul Harris’ life.

Q: Is the space available for events?

A: Yes. As part of the renovation, a meeting and event space has been added to the rear of the Home. Contact us for information on the use of that space.